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Welcome to hummingo, to make the world better through education by supportin the needful persons with required books . You are proud user of this website to help person who need books by donating to orphanages charitable trust, schools , colleges.


Donation to orphanages ?


We will donate books to orphanages and similar non profit charitable trusts with out any limitation of no of books. We honour their genuine needs and motive of our donors.


Donation to College / school students ?


We will donate  books to college and school students with adherence to strict rules for claiming. To ensure equal distribution of books all demographic area of Chennai we have restriction of maximum 10 books per school or colleges.


Certificate of appreciation ?


Hummingo provides you certificate of appreciation to each donors on successful delivery to prospective user along with a copy of letter form school / college / orphanage / trust for request of book.


What happen if no one has claimed my books ?


We have concern for immediate disposal of books to intended persons however to unavoidable situations books lying unclaimed with us at the closing date for more than 9 months we will sell it in public book fair and we will provide certificate of appreciation to buyers and acknowledgement  from them of purchase and amount paid for it. We will donate the surplus money to orphanages in your name.


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